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Roof Repairs in Northampton

Tiled Roof Repairs

If your roof has been damaged by a storm or simply has broken tile water has a nasty habit of finding the smallest crack in that roof and causing damage. Sometimes the water will run under the roof tiles onto the felt but a leak that goes unnoticed for long periods will eventually rot the felt underneath. When that happens considerable damage to the ceilings and decoration occurs and in some cases can cause wooden beams or supports to rot.

Image of water damaged ceiling

Let the roofing experts at B. Mead Roofing Specialist repair your damaged roof. Whether you have cracks in your roof due to the passage of time or from the impact of a storm, our skilled team will fix it quickly and efficiently.

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Flat Roof Repairs

Flat Roof Repairs

Benefits of a Flat Roof

Many properties will have an area, such as above an extension or over a garage or porch, where a flat roof was provided as part of the property build or expansion. Flat roofs provide an economical solution due to their relatively low cost, for both installation and ongoing repair, when compared to pitched roofs covered with tiles or slate.

Apart from lower costs, installing a flat roof can have other benefits depending on your requirements. For example your location may lend itself to having a roof garden and seating area or maybe a place to install solar panels.

One downside, however, to a flat roof is the slow rate that drainage occurs, that often leads to “puddling” after a period of time and/or settlment. When this occurs there will eventually come a time that materials break down and causing leaks. Older, flat roofs, that were installed using felt are very prone to cracking over time.

Inspect Your Flat Roof regularly

Regular inspection of a flat roof should be undertaken and particular notice should be taken where puddles are forming.

By following this simple process you may be able to stop a damaging leak before it happens by calling a reputable flat roofing contractor such as B Mead Roofing.

Whether we are providing a new, or repairing an existing, flat roof, we only use the most up-to-date materials. If you notice any deterioration of your roof and want to prevent damaging leaks, please get in touch by giving us a call or by completing the contact form on the home page. We are more than happy to give advice and guidance and submit our no-obligation quotation.